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TransactionDirectory.com is the one-stop source for information about the transaction processing market. The goals and objectives of this web site are to provide across multiple industry segments, a comprehensive resource of news, industry knowledge, business applications, technology, vendors, products and services for the transaction processing market.

The scope of the information provided covers the item, check, remittance, document and transaction processing markets segments and there growing tendency to overlap one another. The primary focus is on the processing of financial instruments and accompanying documents in both paper and electronic formats. Topics include, but are not limited to, invoice generation, presentment, receipt of payment, accounts receivable posting and collections. The range of subject matter is not limited by application, transaction type, media formats or processing methodology. Business solutions range from non-profit to government industry segments.

As the lines between the different segments of the payment and transaction processing industry continue to evolve, this web site will work to keep its patrons and visitors apprised of trends, opportunities and solutions. The Fundamentals and Resources sections assist readers in establishing a foundation of understanding and familiarity with the industry. Posted press releases provide timely updates of industry developments and breaking news. Articles and white papers promote thought and provide insight into tactical and strategic initiatives. The Vendors's Listing sections provide guides to the most complete list of vendors providing industry, application and technology solutions.

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